Attendance notes


Attendance Notes

Add Attendance Note

Attendance Notes can be added from the Attendance form. After selecting the student, click the Callout symbol to the left of the selected date. At the top of the form the attendance date, student number, student name and ID number will display. Any previous notes added for the date selected will also display. To add Attendance Notes, click the Add New Record button at the bottom of the form. The new Attendance Note can now be added. 

The Attendance Date will automatically default to the attendance date selected. The cursor will display in the Code field. If a specific code is desired click the Code drop down and select the code. The description for the code will automatically display. The Record Last Modified by fields will automatically be updated with the user name, date and time. An area is available to enter details specific to this attendance note. Off Campus Pass Fields are also available for entering the Time to Leave and an Authorized by name. When finished entering the Attendance Note, click the Save icon and the record will be added. The Callout next to the date selected on the Attendance form will now display in red. Additional options are available on the form, one is Print Attendance Notes. The View All Notes option will display all notes for the student selected. Selecting to Print Attendance Notes will open the following Report Options form. Specific descriptions can be selected if desired. An option to Limit by Date will allow for a date range to be entered. When all options have been selected, click the Run Report button. Selecting the View All Notes option will display all notes entered for the student. 

Change Attendance Note

To make changes to a note, click on the Edit icon to the left of the note to be changed. The form will now open in edit mode, make the necessary changes and click the Save icon when complete.

Delete Attendance Note

To delete a note, click on the edit icon to the left of the note to be deleted. The form will now open in edit mode, click the red X to delete the record. A confirmation message will display, click OK to continue with the delete or click Cancel.

Add Attendance Notes using Mass Change Period Absences Form

The Mass Change Period Absences form is used for entering and updating absence codes. From this form you can instantly update attendance by a Section, a List of Students by student numbers, by a particular grade level, using a Student Group, or by running a Keep/Skip Query. Attendance Notes can also be added to each student updated using the Mass Change Period Absences process. On the form, check the box Include Attendance Note, and complete the required fields. 

Print Attendance Notes

Attendance Notes can be printed for the entire school when using the Print Attendance Notes option available in View All Reports at the site level. All Codes can be included, or specific Codes can be selected. An option to Limit by Date is also available. When all options have been selected, click the Run Report button. The report will include all students who have an Attendance Note. 




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