Check for phone number

Blackboard/Parent Link  

Login in to Blackboard.  Click on Reports.  Click on Contact Report. On the Report, clck on the school that is having issues with a phone number.  I usually set the Date Range to Past 30 Days.  Type in the phone number in the format of (###) ###-####.  Click Generate Report.  Wait for report to process.  when the list populates,  check to see if the student/parent listed has matching information from Aeries.  If it does match, the school needs to contact the parent, let them know that they need to update their phone number. If  it doesn't match, delete the number.  Check again the following day to make sure it doesn't get re-populated.  If it does, contact Technology to find out if the export file to Blackboard is not corrupt.  (We've had issues with BB with our file, on their end).  


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