District Student Lookup


 District Student Lookup

A District Student Lookup with Copy One capabilities can be performed in Aeries Web. The District lookup has a Multi-Year District Search option that allows the copying of a student from a prior year if they do not exist in the current year. 

The District Student Lookup also includes the ability to print a Transcript and Enrollment History from prior years. This makes the process of printing transcripts for prior year graduates available while being logged into the current year database.

Multi-Year District Search

The Multi-Year search is accessible from the Search icon on the top of the navigation tree.

When the Search window opens a Multi-Year District Search link will be available. The Multi-Year Search can also be accessed from the Student Demographics page by clicking on the Add button.

The Search Criteria page will display with a Search Prior Year button.

When the Multi-Year District Search link or the Search Prior Year button are selected the District Student Lookup Multi Year Search page will display.

Users will only see student data related to the prior year databases they have access to. Users will only see the Multi Year District Search link and the Search Prior Year button if they have Read permissions to the District Student Lookup security area.


A student search can be performed by entering any of the following information:

  •  Last Name and/or First Name
  •  Student Perm ID
  •  Student State ID
  •  School and Student #
  •  Birthdate


Options to search for student records include the following: 

  • IDN Records – This option will search the IDN table for any matching student record. 
  • STU Records – This option will search the Student (STU) table for any Active or Inactive record 
  • Active STU – This option will search for any active records in the Student (STU) table.


 Once the search information has been selected, click on the Search button. A list of records that match the search criteria will display. Click on a record to view additional information.

Once a student record is selected additional information will display at the bottom of the page. This information includes the Prior Years the student exists in and information on Enter and Leave dates and Leave Reasons.

When hovering the mouse over the Leave Reason it will display the Leave Reason description. Contact information associated with the student record will also display if applicable.

The Transcript, Enrollment and Copy One columns will display icons.

The Transcript icon will display if a transcript is available to print for that school and year. Clicking on the Transcript icon will print a Transcript for that student and year.

The Enrollment icon will display if enrollment history information is available to print for that school and year. Clicking on the Enrollment icon will print the enrollment history for the student and year.

The Copy Student icon will only display if the student does not exist in the current year database. If the Copy Student icon is shown clicking on it will copy the student into the current year database.

The copy process will add the selected student and their Tables to Copy (TTC) from the selected year into the current school and year. The copy process will also update all ID based tables where data exists.

Note: If a user does not have the correct permissions or access to a prior year database a ban symbol will display in the Transcript, Enrollment or Copy Student columns.


If a student found does not exist in the current year database a Copy Student icon will display under the Copy Student column. To copy the student to the current year, click on the Copy Student icon. The student information will be copied and the following message will display: "Alert, Student Copied". Click on OK. The student record will now be available in the current year database.

If the student record found exists in the current year database a red message will display of Student already exists in the current year and therefore cannot be copied. Under the Copy Student column there will be no Copy icon to select. If a ban symbol displays and is clicked on for a prior year there is no permission to access the following message will display: "Alert, You do not have permission to print this report in the selected year!".



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