Google Classroom


Google classroom is integrated into Aeries.  You can link your section to a Google classroom, automatically join your students to that classroom, and import assignment scores from Google classroom directly into your Aeries gradebook.


Creating Your Google Classroom


Class Summary Screen  
1) To create a new Google classroom or link an existing one, click the “Add Website” button on the Class Summary screen next to the desired section/class.


Create Google Classroom
2) In the popup window, select “Create” to make a new Google classroom, or “Link” to connect an existing Google classroom.   Once the classroom is created, an alert will let you know when the process is complete and how many students were added to the new Google classroom.

New students will be added to your Google classroom nightly after they are added to your section.


Loading Assignment Grades from Google Classroom to Aeries


Load Google Classroom Assignment Grades

To load an assignment’s grades into the Aeries gradebook from Google classroom, two steps are required.

  • Ensure the assignment exists with the same name in both Google classroom and Aeries gradebook. 
  • Navigate to the assignment in Aeries gradebook and click “Import from Google”.

Scores will be copied from Google Classroom to the Aeries gradebook for each student if the assignment names and student IDs match.



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