Parents without Portal accounts-Secondary

Parent / Student Portal  
First, run the report called "Students without Portal Accounts". You can find it easiest by going to View All Reports, and type the word without in the filter box.   Even though it says Students, the default is to run for Parents without accounts. Choose Sort By: Student Name.  You can also click on the "Print VPC Codes?" box.  Click Run.  Then once the report runs, students will be tagged with an X in the STU.QT field.  You don't have to actually print the report, but you can if you want a list of the students that you'll be making labels for. 
Go to Query, then run this query:
LIST STU NM \ TL   \ "Verification Code:" VPC \ "Student ID" ID IF QT = X   (You may have issues using copy/paste, if so, manually type in the query).


Click Run.  Close the spreadsheet.  Click on Labels.  Click Run.  Click View Report. Print labels on Avery 5160.  On the Print Dialog box, you may need to de-select "Fit to Page" to get labels to align correctly.  Check alignment on plain paper first.


Attached is an instruction sheet you can give to parents.  Put the label in the top corner as indicated. (This is an instruction sheet Nellie Romero made last year). 


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