Send Mass Email -Principals


1) On the Navigation Tree, click on School Info, then click on Send Emails

Send Email Menu

2) Click on "Add Recipients" 

Select Recipients

3) On the "Search for Email Addresses by" screen, you have many options.  You can choose search by Students, Section (for secondary), Teacher, Grade, or by Kept Students.  If you want all students, and have not done a previous Keep query, clicking on Kept Students lists all students.  

4) The Options give you the opportunity to see both Parent and Student emails, or just one of those choices.

Send Email Options

5) You can choose to click on certain emails, and click on Add Selected. Or you can click on Add All to add all the emails listed.  Then click on OK.  That will take you back to the body of the email.  Since there is no CC: line, you may want to add your own email to the Recipients, just so you get a copy of it.  After the last email, add a comma and your email.  No spaces.  

6) Add your Subject line, type your message in the Email Body.  Click Send Email.  

Send email final screen



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