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Parents have the option of configuring features on the portal to more efficiently monitor their children’s progress.  These features are Weekly Progress Email and Alert Threshold Email.  

Weekly Progress Email
The Weekly Progress Email allows a parent to configure the portal to send an email weekly that outlines their child’s current grades.  It can be configured for any day of the week the parent desires.
To configure a weekly progress email, click on the link on the bottom right corner of the Home screen of the child you wish to setup a progress email for.  Check the box to receive weekly emails, then select your desired date and time to receive the email.


Signup for Weekly Progress Emails

  Settings for weekly progress email


Alert Threshold Email
The Alert Threshold Email allows parents of Middle and High school students to create an upper and lower grade they wish to be notified about.  For example, if the lower threshold is set to D, then the parent will receive an email when their child’s grade drops to a D.
To configure an alert threshhold, click on "Add New Alert" in the alert threshold box on the center left of the home screen.  A new lin e will appear wher you can choose "Falls Below" or Rises Above" and the corresponding grade you wish to alert on.

Alert Threshold Email Signup

Alert Threshold Email Settings



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