Transferring sections/gradebooks to new Teacher

Schools with a Master Schedule
The transfer section and gradebook feature is on the Teacher Data page which can be found on the 
navigation tree under School Info | Teachers.
Option 1 Transfer All Sections and Gradebooks to New Teacher – This option will transfer ALL of the 
selected teacher’s sections and gradebooks to the new teacher.
Option 2 Transfer Tagged Sections and Gradebooks Only – This option will only transfer the sections
and gradebooks that are checked off for the selected teacher to the new teacher.
In schools with a Master Schedule, the Teacher data page will display a Transfer and Incl Grdbk
column on the MST Classes tab of the Teacher Data page.

The checkboxes under the Transfer and Incl Grdbk columns can be used to select individual sections 
and gradebooks to transfer. The Incl Grdbk column will only display a checkbox if a gradebook 
exists for that section.

To transfer the sections and gradebooks from one teacher to another, make selections under the 
Transfer and Incl Grdbk columns. If multiple sections from the same teacher are associated with the 
same gradebook, all sections should be transferred at the same time.

In the Transfer Sections to another Teacher box, select the new teacher to transfer to. Select a 
Course Attendance Effective Date for the transfer. Choose Option 1 or 2.

If students are permanently locked in a section that has been selected to transfer those locked 
students will not be moved. A message will display indicating which students are locked with 
number | student number information.

A progress bar will display while the transfer is in process.

When the transfer is complete a message will display. "Transfer Complete".  Click OK.


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